Incredible Lid Cover
Incredible Lid Cover
Incredible Lid Cover

Incredible Lid Cover

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Incredible Lid Cover can vacuum seal any bowl, jar cupor can - any size shape or material, helping food last longer than ever! Saves food, time and money with a vacuum seal.

1. This ever-so-useful set of lids makes storing leftovers easier than ever

2. Seal something in every sized container! No matter what shape your bowl, Smart Lidz will fit


3. They keep producing fresh longer and save leftovers longer

4. Locking out air and vacuum sealing in freshness, the seal locks liquid tightly and holds for weeks


5. Space age polymers seal air tight

6. Dishwasher safe 

7. Microwave Safe


Package includes:

1 set Incredible Lid Cover with fancy box
(1pc) S Diameter: 15cm, Capacity 29g
(2pcs) M Diameter: 22cm, Capacity 48g
(1pc) L Diameter: 27cm, Capacity 70g


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